Bubble Football

Bubble Football – The New Sport Craze Taking Australia by Storm
If you thought the game of football couldn’t get any better, think again. Introducing Bubble Football, a new almost-sport that combines the popular game of football/soccer with zorbing.
Bubble Football is the brainchild of Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden, two wacky Norwegians who thought football would be even more entertaining if players were encased in clear plastic zorbing balls. The first ever match was broadcast on Norwegian TV show “Golden Goal” at the end of 2011 as a gag, but after being posted on YouTube, the craze spread throughout Europe like wildfire. In the last few years, bubble football matches have been held everywhere from Italy to Latvia, and there are now even online store selling and renting equipment to anyone willing to try it. This craze has now spread to Australia via Absolute Entertainment and Bubble Football Australia.
Scoring goals is hard enough in normal football matches, but it’s almost impossible when you have an inflatable plastic bubble covering your entire upper-body. Your hands are locked in a fixed position, so you’re not able to use them for balance, but that’s exactly what makes bubble football so much fun. Opponents try to knock each other out by bouncing into one another to get possession of the ball but injuries are scarce as the balls offer plenty of protection. Bubble football is pretty tough to explain with words, but hopefully the following video will do a better job of revealing what this new sport craze is all about.

Bungee Challenge

Bungee Challenge puts participants up against each other as they attempt to score goals on opposite sides of the game. Players begin in the middle and run to their goals as the bungee cord attached to their harness prevents their opponent from doing the same. The person with the most goals is the winner! Not only fun but lots of laughs as well!!

Dolphin Super Slide



The WildsplashTM is the ultimate in water fun for any party from kids to adults.
This is a hugely popular inflatable that is loads of fun and very safe.
The slide is 10 metres long and approx 2 metres wide and has a slippery surface to
ensure participants slide all the way to the end at speed!!
Included is a soaker hose which uses minimal water but ensures the surface remains
slippery and everyone gets wet!

Giant Dart Board

A fantastic interactive item that can be used for soccer darts, golf darts, tennis darts and much, much more! Perfect for your sporting clubs presentation days/nights!
Total area 5m (L) x 3m (W) x 6 (H)

Gladiator Jousting Ring

A game of battle as you try to knock your opponent off their pedestal and be declared the winner! We recommend playing a best of three bout but the choice is totally yours. This amusement comes supplied with headgear for safety.

Jumping Castles

We offer a large range of jumping castles for hire in various sizes.
We have themed castles including Dora, Nemo, Fairy Princesses and Lightening McQueen’s Cars.
We also have larger castles with slides for extra fun!
Check out our other products pages for out inflatable water slides.
We deliver, set up and pack up our jumping castles in the Coffs Harbour area and surrounds.
Packages start from $200 for 3 hrs (ex gst)

Walk on Water Aqua Balls

Water Aqua Balls have enough breathable air volume inside the sphere, for a normal person to remain inside for around 20 minutes, without the need to refill them with fresh air.
They can be used on water as a game or amusement device which allows the rider inside the internal ball a safe, fun and exciting experience. You can walk on water!
Putting fresh air inside the balls is easy.
Open up the air intake valve and insert the blower even with someone already inside the ball, so the riders can stay inside for longer periods of time.
15-20 minutes rides are recommended when used on hot sunny days or as long as you wish, if the balls are used out of the sun or at night just change the air inside the ball at least every 30 minutes.
Water Aqua Balls are a blast for the kids!
While riding inside the balls you can walk on water and with a little practice you will end up running on water!
Water Aqua Balls are a really great way to practice your balancing skills and the trick is to hold onto the sides of the ball, as you lean forward and then just walk fast or run.
You’ll be walking/running on water in no time!
You are required to have your own swimming pool or we can run this activity for you in a creek or reserve depending on the safety of the venue.


Our Sumo suits come in adults and kids sizes and are guaranteed to liven up any party.
Each kit comes complete with wrestling mat, headgear and gloves.
We also have an authentic Balinese Gong and a portable P.A. system that can be hired with the suits.

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